For Advertisers / Agencies

Increase Performance and Brand Engagement: Our engagement platform can create new executions from existing creative content that deliver a new level of personalization. On average, our platform improves engagement by more than 200%.

Reach New Levels of Targeting: EngageClick offers the unique ability to predict who you are showing ads to and what they are likely to be interested in, resulting in “smarter ads” that adjust and optimize in real-time. EngageClick’s strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the digital ecosystem help brands and agencies make more informed and intelligent planning and buying decisions.

Measure Results in Real-Time: To help you maximize your marketing ROI, our detailed dashboards provide real-time insights about how your consumers are engaging with and responding to ads across different devices.

For Publishers / Networks

Publishers and advertising networks need to improve their results in how they acquire and retain key clients. To deliver smarter ads, the EngageClick ad engagement platform uses segmentation technology, incorporating location, weather, time of day, and consumer behaviors. These precise targeting capabilities help drive click-through rates, CPMs and inventory yields, while arming your sales teams with a unique selling proposition that drives better outcomes for your clients.

For Application Developers

EngageClick helps application developers maximize revenues from apps. Our unique, data-driven interactive advertising engagement platform helps increase the value of inventories, thereby attracting more premium advertisers.

For Performance Marketers

Performance marketers are recognizing the value of sequential engagement, when consumers who signal some interest soon receive targeted follow-up messages for related items. As a result, performance marketers are experiencing better click-through-rates, increased lead generation, higher conversions, and more social interactions overall.

For Brand Marketers

Brand marketers have to solve two related problems. First, they need to increase their brand perception among consumers. But, they also need to understand which ads will make a stronger brand impact in this fast-changing digital marketplace.

EngageClick’s technology allows brand marketers to learn the real-time choices and preferences of customers, while also adapting their outreach to customers in more personal ways. This may sound scary, but not to fear – EngageClick’s technology platform handles all the heavy lifting. As a result, brand marketers are benefitting from higher levels of engagement and interaction, increasing their brand favorability and brand recall with consumers.

For B2B Marketers

Business marketers have different needs and strategies than traditional consumer marketers. The team that built our platform comes from just such a B2B background, so we have strong experience in executing these marketing needs.

Based on our background, we believe that mixing in some consumer marketing strategies with pure B2B marketing can lift your overall results. After all, consumers are the ultimate decision-makers, even for B2B businesses.