Putting the consumer at the center of the advertising experience requires a sophisticated, proactive learning model and a delivery model that is adaptive. EngageClick’s unique approach strives to constantly learn what consumers like, and then serve them highly contextual content in the formats they most prefer, whether it’s over their smartphones, tablets, desktops or smart TVs.


Achieve higher results from display ads like never before. Our platform allows you to reach your consumers in personal ways that drive better engagement. Become smarter about delivering your existing creative, or develop new creative that is more engaging.

Our platform supports the use of multiple industry standard technologies to address any creative situation you’re in. We support Flash as well as HTML5 technologies, so you can serve ads to any screen. We also support conversion pixels, retargeting pixels, and other integrations related to the success of your campaign goals.

In addition, we follow IAB standards to deliver and measure ads, so you don’t need to worry about integrations with ad servers, demand-side platforms (DSPs), trading desks, or any other media delivery platforms.


At a time when smartphones and tablets represent more than 60 percent of consumers’ total online time, it’s increasingly critical to partner with a company that takes a holistic approach and delivers superior results. EngageClick’s reach extends to both the iOS and Android universes, and delivers key insights from its broad creative suite.


Video is the fastest-growing area in digital advertising, and EngageClick is delivering superior results with its innovations in video. In individually identifying the best viewers for your brand, EngageClick can deliver video across a full range of connected devices. EngageClick provides more ways to maximize impact and engagement, and offers comprehensive measurement and insights.


Social media advertising is rapidly growing, making it critical for your brand to advertise across popular social platforms. EngageClick gets results by delivering ads to the billions of people across the world on social media. EngageClick focuses on reaching the right demographics at the right times with the right ads to make social media advertising a sound investment.


Text advertising provides for a highly interactive space, with users getting connected to relevant brand messages while browsing through text content. EngageClick delivers superior results through precisely targeted keywords that are the most relevant to those ads being displayed.