How do we measure the success of digital advertising campaigns?

Measuring the success of digital advertising campaigns is very limited. Currently, there are just two main metrics:


1. Number of Impressions – How many times the brand creative is served online? Yet, this doesn’t prove the creative was actually seen!
2. Click-through Rate (CTR) – How many times someone clicked on the brand creative? Yet, this doesn’t prove the click wasn’t accidental! 

At EngageClick, we want the industry to evolve beyond just two main metrics. We can help you also measure brand engagements, behavioral patterns, and reach.

Our mission is to have visitors ENGAGE more with brands and their messaging. To accomplish this, we’ve developed a technology that inherently delivers rich interaction analytics from active user engagements. Our solutions are effective, computationally-efficient, systematically-intelligent and easy-to-use. To learn more and schedule a demo of our products, contact us at