Video is not TV (part 2)

It is a waste of the ubiquitous computing power to keep using an outdated, static, TV-inspired engagement model for a dynamic online environment. Browsers have the power to enable real-time communication between users and advertisers.

This isn’t in any way an attack on television commercials; instead, it’s quite the opposite. We feel that advertisers use the same video on both TV and online publishers because monkeying with the content isn’t an easy task. The EngageClick platform has made it possible to import video advertising content that you’ve already paid for and add simple layers of engagement so you can optimize it for Web publishers.

It’s not a question of tailoring every single advertisement to have interactive capabilities, for instance. The whole problem behind using a TV commercial-style approach is that personalization of online campaigns is too high-cost. We provide an interface that allows users to layer stock engagements onto stock advertising inventory, streamlining the process for adding engagement directly into video.

It’s possible to run the same video to a wide audience using different engagement solutions for every viewer across the Web, then use our built-in analytics to discover the solutions providing the most engagement.

The important message to take away is that the possibilities of Web advertising are far greater than paying a creative for a more interesting video. We provide a vast array of different engagement layers for you to use in your video that simply aren’t available to TV advertising. Conversely, we need to move beyond the fundamentals of TV advertising when we publish video on the Web. We’re making this possible on a grand scale. It’s not about publishing custom interactive ads anymore, it’s about using individual layers of engagement to put on top of the ad inventory that’s already been made.

We’d like to make the process of channel optimization more efficient for advertisers. Instead of offering a one-off customization service to make stellar ad campaigns, like a creative might, we’d like to create technology that will let even your interns make your videos engaging. Just make sure they pick up coffee first.

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