How We Think Different

Today the trend in digital advertising is heavily biased towards two things: taking advantage of the mobile platform and figuring out programmatic buying. Fundamentally, this is about using repetition as a tool to advance brand recognition and drive conversions/sales. About using an onslaught of ads, targeted and retargeted across multiple platforms.

Because the individual impact of display ads is so small, it takes this kind of aggregated push across many publishing sites to change a customer’s preferences and/or behavior. Both programmatic and platform integration are forces pushing the industry towards a “rain of ads” strategy, albeit one that has direct benefits for users. Counter-intuitively, targeted ads are less invasive and create a smoother online experience

We’re all for retargeting, because the technology and the data are here for us to use. Barraging users across platforms with repetitive ad spots, however, isn’t something we’re interested in. Other companies already have the personnel and the technology to innovate in that field. We at EngageClick, in the immortal words of Steve Jobs, want to think different.

By taking a closer look at what different factors control human learning, we’ve taken a different attitude towards brand lift from the majority of the industry.

We don’t think of engagement as some mystical art. Instead, we’ve taken a scientific approach to learning about human-advertising interactions. Our technology is designed around neuroscientific and psychological research on human learning and memory processing. Using some basic principles about effective learning strategies, we can speed up learning processes and increase memory formation around simple images and text.

Increasing engagement with individual ads is our primary goal. We find ways that engage consumers with advertising that adds value to their online experience. Our Human Engagement Platform® showcases the best methods we’ve developed (so far) to supercharge user engagement with individual ads.

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