What’s lacking in Mobile Ads

Tiny ads.

Fat-finger conversions.

Annoying interruptions.

These are the three biggest problems with publishing advertising on a mobile platform. Old display formats just don’t scale across platforms.

Display advertising isn’t designed for iPhone or Android devices, and it shows. Advertisers that have transferred their existing campaigns to capitalize on mobile aren’t reaping the benefits they hoped for. Search advertising is running into the same problem. Together, those two categories comprise 65% of all digital ad spending, and they just aren’t going to scale well into mobile formats.

Creatives and advertisers will have to develop mobile-specific ad formats, instead of trying to squeeze existing formats onto a tiny display. Remember how we took billboards and made them into banner ads? That’s not working out so well these days. It’s going to take platform-specific innovation that takes advantage of the innate capabilities of the device.

At EngageClick, we’re looking into how we can use the unique features of mobile devices to drive new advertising formats. To learn more about our mobile-specific solutions, contact sales@engageclick.com.

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