Advertising, Ecology, and Evolution

The advertising ecosystem is evolving faster than it ever has, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. The latest trend is native advertising—placing a brand’s message in the flow of web browsing behavior or content consumption, rather than competing with content by using peripheral advertising or interruptive pre-roll video ads.

Keeping in mind how the evolution of an ecosystem works can allow you to take advantage of the native advertising trend as it unfolds. A few key concepts from Evolution and Ecology 101:

Advertising, like nature, is constantly adapting. The Red Queen phenomenon—running as fast as you can just to stay where you are—is a staple of evolutionary biology, and it’s played out in spades on the internet, where competition is fierce. The first banner ad had a CTR of 78%, and viewers quickly developed banner blindness. Early adopters and fast-followers gain ground over publishers and agencies who are later to the party.

Red Queen

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New adaptations gain short-term advantages over old ones, regardless of their long-term benefits. The early adopters of native advertising are going to see more benefits early on, and opportunities to use the “novel” factor will disappear. As more publishers and agencies adapt to native advertising, the long-term benefits of catching consumers mid-stream will become more prevalent.

EngageClick’s platform includes native advertising solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented. Leverage our technology to become an early adopter of this trend. Take a lesson from the Red Queen phenomenon – adopt native advertising as part of your strategy and you won’t get left behind!

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